Wool Worm with Fifty 4" x 4" Squares Mill-dyed Wool Bundle


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This listing is for one of our unique Wool Worms! Be sure to check out all of the photos!

Each of our Wool Worms contains fifty, 4" by 4" squares of wool, strung together. This is a great way to build your stash. The size of these squares works great for that leaf, flower, sun or other small item needed to finish off that special project.

Each worm is unique and a mixture of colors and patterns. We try to get a little of every color in each worm, and normally there are a multiples of each of the wool fabrics. The Wool Worm pictured is the model, and may not be the one you receive.

These also look great displayed in an old wooden bowl with a few other what knots. Be sure to check out all of the photos. And, remember, the Wool Worm you receive may not be the one pictured. No two are alike.

For additional Wool Worms, just increase the Quantity, found to the right of the photo.