The Maker and Mender Pattern by Brenda Gervais

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This is a wonderful, smaller sized sampler, designed to celebrate the needle.  The verse on the sampler is a line from the Praise of the Needle/The Needles Excellency, written by John Taylor in 1634.  Brenda has loved this verse for many years and felt it was time to use it on a piece of needlework, honoring the little implement of our hobby! 

This small sampler is finished with the Hem Stitch.  The pattern includes two sets of the alphabet for personalizing.  Brenda used her initials along with her Mothers, honoring her patience and the many hours she spent teaching her to stitch as a young girl. A true, loving way to honor one so important in her life.  

This is a favorite of mine, of all the Brenda Gervais designs I carry.  I feel the message is this piece carries much importance and understanding for all who stitch!