Sister's Sampler Pin Keep Pattern by Stacy Nash


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This sweet little Pin keep has 2 samplers that are sewn together to make the Sister Sampler. The left side is Stacy's side with a big white farmhouse, flowers, a bee skep, cat and bird in nest. All the things she loves. Her sister's side has the log cabin they grew up in, a peacock, a large run of flowers and the tiniest little turtle. Several of the things Stacy has included in her design are very personal and dear to her heart, and have childhood stories behind them. She made this design to reflect her sister and her's relationship growing up as sisters. But it can be for you and your best friend or anyone that you have a special relationship with. She has included a complete alphabet so you can personalize your own Sampler. 36 Count Weeks Dye Works Linen - Cornsilk 36 Count Weeks Dye Works Linen - Straw