Hello Halloween designed by Teresa Kogut


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Teresa Kogut's Creative Whims Hello Halloween Book. Includes 11 designs.  All models shown in the photos were stitched 1 thread over 2 linen threads on different count linens.  If you choose to use a different count linen, you can go to www.yarntree.com to calculate new sizes and count.  Classic Colorworks, Weeks Dye Works and DMC flosses were used to create these designs.

IMPORTANT:  ©Teresa Kogut, all rights reserved. Please respect my rights as creator of this chart and do not re-sell on Etsy or Ebay or in any other capacity. All printed and finished items herein are copyright protected and can't be mass-produced for any commercial use without prior written permission. All rights reserved including photocopy reproduction, enlargements, reductions or digital duplication. Thank you for honoring my rights as a designer.  If you purchase this chart and stitch a few pieces to sell as a finished stitched item, you have my permission, however, no mass-production manufacturing is allowed. Thank you.