Pumpkin Hand-dyed 100% Organic Cotton Velvet Fabric

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100% Organic Cotton Velvet.

This is "hand-dyed" fabric.  It is mottled in color and has a wonderful primitive look.  Best for craft projects.  Some colors are more mottled than others.  Our Pumpkin Velvet is moderately mottled.  It is a beautiful golden orange, the perfect pumpkin color!  

Cut Sizes Offered/Prices Per Cut:  

Fat Eighth 18" x 11" - Price $8

Fat Quarter 18" x 22" - Price $16

Half Yard 18" x 44" - Price $32

Full Yard  36" x 44" - Price $64

Important:  This is a hand-dyed fabric, therefore it requires special care when cleaning.  Hand wash in cold water only, using a mild detergent meant for washing hand-dyed fabric.  Line dry only, do not machine dry.  This fabric is not 100% colorfast, therefore, slight fading (loss of color) may occur when washing.