Strawberry Red Hand-dyed 100% Organic Cotton Velvet Fabric

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100% Organic Cotton Velvet.

This is "hand-dyed" fabric.  It is mottled in color and has a wonderful primitive look.  Best for craft projects.  Some colors are more mottled than others.  Our Strawberry Velvet is slightly mottled with some lighter and darker areas.  It is truly lovely!

Cut Sizes Offered/Prices Per Cut:  

Fat Eighth 18" x 11" - Price $8

Fat Quarter 18" x 22" - Price $16

Half Yard 18" x 44" - Price $32

Full Yard  36" x 44" - Price $64

Important:  This is a hand-dyed fabric, therefore it requires special care when cleaning.  Hand wash in cold water only, using a mild detergent meant for washing hand-dyed fabric.  Line dry only, do not machine dry.  This fabric is not 100% colorfast, therefore, slight fading (loss of color) may occur when washing.