Primitive Mushroom Pin Keep or Ornament Pattern by Maggie Bonanomi - Kit and Handmade Options Available, using Blackberry Primitives Hand-dyed Fabrics


Designed by Maggie Bonanomi, this fun Primitive Mushroom Pattern, makes 5-6" mushrooms in two different styles:  Dome Top and Flat Top.

These make great pincushions, bowl fillers, tree ornaments, cupboard tucks and more!

IMPORTANT:  Pattern and Kits sold separately, here, within the same Product Listing.  Kits do not include the pattern. To purchase the Pattern choose it and Add to Cart.  If you are wanting to purchase a kit as well, choose the Kit or Kits you are wanting, and add each choice separately to the Cart.

Kit Options Available include, a mix of Blackberry Primitives hand-dyed Wool, Velvet and Linen, with just a bit of cotton fabric for patches.  We offer 1 Mushroom; 3 Mushroom; and 6 Mushroom kits.  

We will put up kits for 1 or 3 or 6 mushrooms. We will send a mixture of hand-dyed velvet and hand-dyed wool for the caps, on the 3 or 6 mushroom count kits. All stems are made from hand-dyed linen. Tops from a mix of hand-dyed Velvet and Wools.  Colors provided will be at our descretion.

You will NOT receive the following, also needed for making your mushrooms: 2 1/2" square card board; cotton stuffing; perle cotton; walnut dye for staining (optional); and glue.

Handmade Option Available is made to order, using Blackberry Primitives hand-dyed fabrics as well as antique fabrics from the 1800's.  You will receive a mix of hand-dyed linen, velvet, wool and antique fabric Mushrooms...6 of them per order, 3 dome top, 3 flat top.  Colors will vary, antique fabric will vary, all which is based on availability, but you will receive a wonderful will not be disappointed!  All handmade items must be paid for in advance and take a minimum 2 weeks for completion.  Contact us at for more information on our handmade pieces.