FABRIC: Blackberry Primitives Hand-Dyed Velvet

Hand-Dyed velvet

Featuring Blackberry Primitives new line of Hand-Dyed Cotton Velvet. Higher quality velvet, fun new colors, along with some of the old favorites. These are dyed by hand, not in a machine, lending to the creative process.  Tonja's process gives the Velvet a very primitive look, it is very mottled, giving the fabric a lot of depth.  Many of her colors have almost a smoke look to them. 

Blackberry Primitives uses Velvet, not velveteen. What’s the difference? Velvet has a much higher, thicker pile and is softer and smoother than velveteen. Cotton velvet does not have a sheen, also lending itself to a primitive look. Cotton velvet does not stretch like silk velvet does, making it easier to work with.

Try it...you'll Love it!

Offered in the following cut sizes:  

Fat Quarter 16” x 27”;  Fat Half 32” x 27”;  1 yard 32” x 54”

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